Saturday, June 19, 2010


I'm part of a small college/career age Bible study and we're going through Jim Bergs book "Changed Into His Image" and we are in the chapter titled "Identifying Your Own Way."

A particular paragraph really stood out to me in regards to the patriocentric bent that many conservative homeschoolers are going.

"The only way you have sought God is to ask Him to help you get your family under control. He will not help you do that; He wants to break you of your controlling ways. You cannot call Craig to a position of submission to you from your position of rebellion against God."..."Several weeks passed, however, before Frank was broken enough by his son's continued rebellion to admit to God and others that what had appeared "so right" to him was actually his own way of controlling life to make it work for him."



  1. This is very interesting! Have you read "The Curse of the Standard Bearers: When Idolatry Masquerades as Love" by Norm Wakefield? I've quoted the story of Marty in my book ~ its very similar to what you excerpted above. You can read his article here:

  2. I have read it before. Yet another tragic story of good intentions gone amiss.